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May 10, 2013 @ 2:45 pm
posted by Sandra Sheridan
Colorful carriages in Market Square in Bruges, Belgium

An afternoon overlooking the colorful carriages in the Market Square, Bruges

We particularly enjoy traveling on the exceptional rail network in France and in Europe, in general.  When we spent the summer in France, we planned well in advance and secured a Rail Europe pass for multiple days of travel as well as a long-term rental/purchase plan with Auto Europe.

Though we mainly traveled in France, we purchased a rail pass that allowed travel in three countries. We knew we would travel in France and Italy to visit my husband’s aunt and uncle in Florence. By adding “Benelux” as our “third country”, we were able to travel to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg; as Rail Europe treats the three as one. Though a whirlwind kind of scoop through the three countries, it was nonetheless a great experience to set foot in these extraordinary cities.

Though we only briefly touched down in these delightful cities, we enjoyed expanding our experience beyond France.   So – worth noting – if you choose to purchase a multi-country Rail Europe Pass, by all means considered adding Benelux to your itinerary.

Rail Europe

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You will find complete (and even entertaining!) travel information on Rail Europe’s excellent web site.  For savings and peace of mind, it is well worth your time to plan ahead for your rail adventures.  Learn about reservations, surcharges, classes of travel and levels of service.

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