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July 1, 2013 @ 4:06 pm
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Collioure FR

Collioure – Le Relais de Trois Mas

“There is nowhere else in France a sky with a deeper blue than the sky of Collioure…”  HENRI MATISSE

Though the anchovies for which Collioure is known might not be enough for a draw for you, make no mistake that this charming seaside ville is well worth visiting.  Along the Côte Vermeille, the village lies where the Pyrenees plummet down to the Mediterranean.  The landscape is striking and varied – a mix of craggy cliffs and sun-drenched beaches, hilly vineyards and colorful villages.  Add a number of châteaux and castles, and you have a lovely, laid-back seaside venue with proud traditions of culture and heritage.

Long the inspiration of countless artists, even a style of painting was born here in the “City of Painters”.  With Henri Matisse’s vivid, untamed paintings, Fauvism came to life.   Artists still are drawn to the area, and art galleries and museums are plentiful.

French Mediterranean restaurants

Port side dining in Collioure

The area really is Catalonian, a blend of France and Spain, where the Spanish rhythm of life dictates late lunches and dinners.  The unparalleled choice of lodging is the 4-star “Le Relais des Trois Mas”, tucked along the bay facing the sea.  As one might suspect, the Mas enjoys spectacular scenic views and offers rooms beautifully decorated and named after painters who have visited Collioure.It’s the perfect place from which to explore the historic sites (such as the lovely Notre Dame des Anges), to enjoy the Catalan-influenced cuisine and to take in the tranquil Mediterranean beaches.

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