The Promise of Paris book

Discover Paris – with gorgeous photos, vignettes and travel advice

Undecided about going to Paris? The Promise of Paris is authentic, easy to read and designed to spur you to action! With gorgeous photos and a blend of practical advice, landmark destinations and specific recommendations; the author ignites your hunger for Paris and eases the angst of travel planning.

From her lively collection of experiences, Sandra Sheridan weaves together lost moments and found joy in a warm and engaging style that will captivate, interest, inform … and make you laugh. Most of all, it will make you want to grab the next seat for Paris. Enchanting anecdotes take you from shopping passages and quaint cafes to exceptional museums and strolls along the Seine.

Every word is designed to move you from dreaming of a Paris trip to making it a reality to cherish for a lifetime! And that’s her whole point. Don’t just “hope to go one day…” – do it!

Authored by Sandra W Sheridan
Designed by Mary Johnson, Coastline Studios
Photographs by Philippe Bidault des Chaumes, Leo D Sheridan III
Cover design or artwork by Rick Morgan
Edition: 1
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