Through the Windows of France

September 15, 2016 @ 11:22 am
posted by Sandra Sheridan
France watercolors

Vision de l’Artiste … so much to see through the windows of France!

I love the slices of life you see through windows in France … and elsewhere, but you know where my heart lies! We enjoyed the good fortune of honeymooning in Paris, where our friend’s apartment overlooked a boulevard facing a typical five-story residential building. Reminding me of the famous Rear Window movie, we could look across to our unknown neighbors to glimpse little moments in their lives.

An elder man positioned a Christmas tree in the corner of his living room. Oddly, we never noticed the addition of lights and ornaments. Below his apartment, a couple walked back and forth through their brightly-lit rooms, ostensibly readying their place for the arrival of another couple a bit later in the evening.

France landscapes

Chenonceau balloon – Loire Valley

From the bedroom window of our pleasant gîte near Chateau de Chennonceau, we looked out on a wildly colorful balloon rising above the trees. Through our hotel window in Normandy, we watched two older women with fishing gear progress up the grassy hill en route, we supposed, to a dinner of their grilled “catch of the day”.

Village windows capture vivid earth and sky colors in their protective shutters. Delicate lace curtains detail themes, and rich swishes of elegant taffeta and satin set a tone of grandeur over soaring windows.

French landscapes

French fishing ladies in Normandy

So it’s not surprising, you see, that my paintbrush would gravitate to window scenes! So many sights, individual stories and imaginings!

Paris watercolors

Boulevard Saint-Marcel


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