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May 14, 2013 @ 8:37 pm
posted by Sandra Sheridan
Paris patisserie

Elegant DALLOYAU desserts

Some things in life require few words – like the magnificent gourmet creations at Dalloyau Paris. No, the simple word ‘gourmet’ won’t suffice. Royal orchestrations? Je ne sais pas! With nine shops and tearooms in Paris alone, the Dalloyau artisans have been creating masterful pastries, chocolates and prepared meals since 1682.

Imagine Lollipops Saint-Honoré or Lemon-Raspberry Swirl, Saint-Jacques and Summer Vegetables urchin shell. Each night the chefs and confectioners must dream of expansive kitchens, well-stocked pantries and beaucoup sugar.

Paris gourmet foods

Les Lunch Boxes

The DALLOYAU House also applies their expansive talents to Les Lunch Boxes and business meals – everyday trays that are as healthy as they are enticingly delicious. Sad to say they only deliver in Paris and in the region around Paris; but now you know where to order that special ‘lunch box’ or business luncheon.


Les Cocktails

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