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Light up your Home with French Fabrics

January 30, 2015 @ 2:10 pm
posted by Sandra Sheridan
Paris fabrics

French textiles blend elegant texture and vivid colors

The luscious fabrics of France – they are museums unto themselves, full of color and creativity, artisan skill and symbols of the land.  The soul of France is woven into their textiles.  The inspirations for color and design are infinite.  Lavender and sunflowers. Olives and cicadas.  Mimosas and lemons.  Ochre soils and deep red clay.  Turquoise Mediterranean waters and brilliant Provençal skies. Is it any wonder that the same sights that inspired artists through the ages prompted textile artisans to create such vivid works of art?

At the base of Montmartre in Paris, a treasure chest of French fabrics awaits … sweeping across a broad variety of color, elegance, texture and story-telling motifs.  Petite mannequins were silk brocades and Chantilly lace.  Upholstery fabrics are as beautiful on the underside, as they are on the front.

In Provence,  rich cotton table and home linens burst with color, reflecting the very land from which they come.  Souleiado deems itself  “The Last Indiennes’ Maker”, replicating some of the original fabric designs from India.  At the end of the 16th century, lively cottons with exceptional, lasting dyes began to arrive in Marseille from India.  Their popularity rapidly grew, and in a rather long historic evolution, Souleiado became the benchmark for famous fabrics.

French fabriccs

Sumptuous textiles from France

Today, the rich heritage of Souleiado Métis tradition offers collections of fashion and home décor – creative expressions and colors of the sun of Provence.  In fact, souleiado means “when the sun shines through the clouds after the rain” in Provence.

Perhaps you should consider my custom, and never return home without a sumptuous piece of French fabric!


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