Our sincere “bienvenue” to LuxeEuro.  We have a passion for France – for the abundant beauty, history, culture, charming people and vibrant spirit.  And did we mention the cuisine and wine?  When we’re enjoying a wonderful lunch, we’re talking about what we’ll have for dinner! Leo and I take great pleasure in getting to know the people and places of France — the warmth and talent of artisans, the hospitality of cities and villages.  It is a gentle, balanced lifestyle we hope to share with others. We launched LuxeEuro to share our experiences with you in photos and in brief vignettes. And our Boutique –  “Le Grenier aux Jouets” – Toys in the Attic, is our little brocante, where we offer special finds from poupee dolls to jewelry and notecards. From time to time, we will share information about special places to stay and ‘simple pleasures and elegant gifts’ we have discovered. Always, we welcome your questions, comments and requests. Please take the time to share your thoughts by e-mailing –

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